About us

Our Professional Firm was founded in 1989, thanks to the vocation of its sole partner and founder, Emilia Zaballos Pulido, practicing lawyer of the Bar Associations of Madrid and Toledo. She runs the firm with the support of a highly qualified team, formed by renowned professionals.

Our headquarters are currently located in Madrid, although we offer our legal and consultancy services throughout Spain and also internationally, establishing us as a service firm that is constantly growing and expanding.

The Firm offers Legal Consultancy services in all fields of Law as well as Business Consultancy services. Over the years, it has undertaken the crucial role of supporting many companies in their creation and subsequent introduction and growth on the market, companies that have placed their trust in us, seeking strategies together to adapt to the market and to the financially difficult times that we are currently experiencing.

Our main aim is to loyally defend the interests of the individuals and companies who hire the professional services of Zaballos Abogados, providing comprehensive and innovative solutions, with the maximum professionalism and commitment to our customers.

Our Philosophy

Thanks to our unconditional commitment to customer service and Law, the ZABALLOS ABOGADOS law firm has forged a position among the most prestigious and renowned firms in Spain.

The success of our project is thanks to our selection of the most expert and highly qualified professionals in different fields, such as lawyers, economists, consultants, auditors, etc., as well as the creation and collaboration of our different specialized departments and the continuous training and retraining undertaken by our staff, enabling us to adapt to new social needs.

The services provided by the professionals who form part of ZABALLOS ABOGADOS undergo continuous quality control, resulting in the full satisfaction of our customers, who are extremely pleased with the personal service received, thus promoting customer loyalty and the subsequent growth and recognition of ZABALLOS as one of the most prestigious firms in the legal and business world.

A firm belief in professional honesty, deep respect for other legal professionals and for defending dignity, as well as strict compliance with the ethical rules that govern our profession, are the principles on which the work of ZABALLOS ABOGADOS is based, strengthening the social recognition of the company and its professionals, both nationally and internationally.

Customer Service

The professionals who are part of the team at ZABALLOS ABOGADOS are characterized for offering direct and personal customer service, establishing a fluent and close relationship with customers, allowing us to offer effective solutions in good time.

The Firm has adapted to the constantly evolving business world to help its customers find the most appropriate legal solutions at any given time.

Since it was founded, ZABALLOS ABOGADOS has supported many companies and individual customers in the creation and development of their businesses and in the resolution of conflicts, both in and out of court, maintaining a high level of involvement, leading to successful results.

At this moment in time, we have earned the trust of all our customers, the respect of our colleagues and competitors, and notable prestige in the legal and business fields. As a result, day after day we are able to maintain our privileged position, leading customers to choose us as their trusted Firm.

Service to Society

Among the main objectives of ZABALLOS ABOGADOS is to contribute to the development of social services, on a pro bono basis, offering our experience, knowledge, and resources to actively participate in different not-for-profit associations.

On the basis of this vocation and focused on the aforementioned purposes, the FUNDACIÓN ZABALLOS FOR THE DEFENSE OF CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS was founded in the 1990s, in order to promote the participation and voluntary work of the firm’s members in charitable, cultural, and educational causes.

The FUNDACIÓN ZABALLOSsupports the establishment of other foundations through its consultancy and management services, provides its legal consultancy services to other not-for-profit associations, participates in the resource management of other associations, and contributes to humanitarian causes.


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