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Obligations and Contracts. Family Law. Inheritances. Traffic Accidents. Civil Liability. Right to honor, privacy and one’s own image.

Establishment, Liquidation, Merger, and Takeover of Companies. Arrangements with creditors. Property and financial planning and restructuring. Patents and brands. Commercial contracts. Taxes and taxation. Company resolutions. Subsidies and funding. Liability actions against administrators.

Claims for personal and material damages. Driving offenses and driving under the influence. Economic crimes and crimes committed within a company. Gender-based violence. Crimes against workers. Crimes against the National Treasury. Minor-offense proceedings.

Floor clause. Mortgage formalization expenses. Abusive clauses. Multi-currency mortgages. Foreclosures. Negotiations. Contracting of banking and financial products.

Claims for municipal capital gains. Claims against tax authorities and Social Security. Administrative appeals. Expropriation and auctions. Urban planning and environment. Economic claims.

Dismissals and layoffs. Social security, Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service (SMAC), and social courts proceedings. Claims for payment. Occupational accidents. Immigration. Incapacity. Labor inspectorates. Responsibilities of workers or business owners.

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